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Midlands Memorial Community Centre                                   


Oatlands Community Association Inc.

OCA is a community based volunteer-run organisation that leases and manages the Midlands Memorial Community Centre from the Southern Midlands Council and runs the centre for the local community. The MMCC is located at 68 High Street, Oatlands, Tasmania.

The Oatlands Bargain Centre and the Southern Midlands Regional News are located at the Centre and there are two rooms – the Board Room and a large Conference Room - available for use by both the local community and for organisations and businesses at reasonable rates. Click here for more information.

The Southern Midlands Regional News has an office at the Centre which is staffed by the Editor on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 am – 2.30 pm.

Community groups using the centre include the Oatlands Art Group, Sippers & Sewhers, the Oatland's South branch of the HWSD Guild Tasmania, Soup and Cinema, and the Oatlands District Progress Association (ODPA).

OCA holds regular meetings at the Centre. See 'upcoming events' for the next general meeting date.

New members are always welcome. Ordinary membership is $15 per annum for individuals and $30 for Groups. Membership application forms are available here or in the foyer of the Centre, 7 days a week 10 am – 4pm. Forms and payment can be left at the Bargain Centre during these hours.

If you have an idea or want to run an activity or use the centre please contact us at 03 6254 1300 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

"Proudly supported by the Southern Midlands Council"

OCA Inc. Management Committee:

President: Karen Mathieson

Vice President: Samantha Jackman

Treasurer: Kathryn Wittmann

Secretary: Samantha Jackman

Public Officer: Karen Mathieson 

Oatlands Bargain Centre Coordinator: Karen Dudgeon

SMRNews Editor: Julia Jabour as at 1 Jan 2020 - Terry Loftus until 31 Dec 

SMRNews Advisory Group Chair: Martin Bloomfield

SMRNews Advisory Group Members: Anneke Rose, Rowena McDougall 

Oatlands Community Market representative: Eleanor Bjorksten

Oatlands Art Group President: Jennifer Johnston

Sippers & Sewhers representative: Rosemary McConnon

A Sheep Behind the Wheel representative: Karen Mathieson

Oatlands Historical Costume Group representative: Jill Bloomfield

Oatlands District Historical Society President: Pat Birchall

Oatlands District Progress Association Chair: Martin Bloomfield

Committee Members: Rowena McDougall, Andrew Mathieson 

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